Apr 21, 2016

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What are the Benefits of PVC Decking in Pompano Beach?


Wooden decks are a thing of the past. If your wood deck has started to splinter, crack or chip then it’s time to install a new deck. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we offer the highest quality PVC decking in Pompano Beach. PVC decking has many benefits over traditional wood decks, and if you’re ready to upgrade your deck contact the professionals at Keys Deck & Dock Supply today. Our experienced professional will create a custom deck perfect for your home.

There are many different reasons why PVC decking has become popular when installing new decks. Are you tired of burning your feet on your hot wood deck when you walk outside? With PVC decking, you’ll no longer have to worry. Our PVC decks naturally stay cool, which is a big pro especially living in South Florida where we know it can get hot. PVC decks are also made from 100 percent plastic, meaning no more splintering or cracking. You won’t have to worry anymore about walking around barefoot and getting painful splinters.

PVC decks are also UV and fade resistant. IF your wood deck has become faded due to the sun, consider getting a PVC deck and never again worry about fading colors. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply we have a variety of different colors and styles for your new deck. PVC decks are not only durable, but also don’t require any maintenance.

Another added benefit to PVC decking is it is slip, mold and mildew resistant. Do you worry about your kids running around outside and slipping on your deck when it gets wet? With PVC decking, you won’t have to worry any longer. In addition to being slip resistant PVC decking is also mold and mildew resistant. This can be a big concern with wood, so upgrade to PVC and no longer worry about your deck forming mold and mildew.

These are a few of the reasons why more people are choosing to go with PVC decking instead of wood decks. Not only is no maintenance required, there are many other pros as to why PVC decking just makes sense. If you’re ready to upgrade your deck, contact the professionals at Keys Deck & Dock Supply today. You can set up a free consultation and see how a new PVC deck can improve the look of your home. Call Keys Deck & Dock Supply today to get started.