What is the Best Material for my Deck?

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What is the best material for my deck?

Is your current deck starting to look old, faded, and worn out? Has it started to chip or splinter? If your deck has seen its better days it may be time to consider an upgrade. Wood decks are fading quickly and PVC decking is becoming increasingly popular today, and for good reason. Keys Deck & Dock Supply can help you create the perfect new PVC deck for your home and if you’re ready for an upgrade give our team a call today. We can help you select a brand new deck that you’re sure to love.

Why is PVC decking more popular than wood decks?

PVC decking is made from recyclable plastic material and as opposed to wood decks it doesn’t get hot and burn the bottom of your feet when you walk outside. South Florida is known for its warm climate and with PVC decking you’ll no longer have to worry about burning the bottom of your feet. PVC decking is also great because it requires very little maintenance and doesn’t fade from the UV rays emitted by the sun. Everybody likes having a beautiful deck, but when it requires a lot of maintenance it can be a real hassle. With PVC decks you don’t have to worry about a lot of maintenance and won’t need to worry about painting or staining on a regular basis.

These are just a few of the reasons why PVC decking has become increasingly popular. You can see the advantages it offers over wood decks. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new deck, contact our team at Keys Deck & Dock Supply today. We’ll help you select the perfect decking material and type for your home. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy your new deck without having to worry about the maintenance that is required with wood decks.

To get started you can call or visit our website today to learn more about PVC decking. In the warm South Florida climate it’s important to have a deck that won’t get scolding hot throughout the day. There are many different advantages to new PVC decks over wood decks, and if you’re ready for an upgrade call Keys Deck & Dock Supply today.