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What is the Best Material for My Deck?


What is the Best Material for My Deck?Pools, boat docks, outdoor gathering spaces and patios all share in the need for great decks. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we like to think that we’re the best experts when it comes to designing and installing great decks and docks throughout Pompano Beach. When you’re investing in a great new deck, you probably have many different questions. What color deck should I choose? How big does my deck need to be? What is the best material for my deck? Our team at Keys Deck & Dock Supply is here to help answer these, and many other, deck questions!

There are many different materials for decks and docks. While wood used to be the most popular material, these days it’s become outdated. You don’t need splintering surfaces that are prone to erosion, PVC has taken over as the most popular decking material. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we offer the best PVC decking prices in Pompano Beach. Of course, low prices aren’t the only benefits of PVC decking.

With PVC decking, deck maintenance has never been easier. That’s because PVC decking is UV resistant, meaning its colors won’t fade. It’s also lightweight, and it resists heat retention. You also won’t have to worry about termites when you trust in PVC decking. There’s no need to paint, stain or continually reseal PVC decking. And at Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we can create beautiful PVC decking that mimics the look of wood decking, minus the annoying upkeep!

What is the best material for my deck? PVC is the best material for residential and commercial decking needs, but there are many options to choose from when it comes to your PVC decking. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we work with top manufactures including:

  • Brock Dock
  • Tandeck
  • TUFboard
  • DeckLok
  • Azek
  • Titan Deck
  • & Many More!

Many of our decks boast unique color and pattern combinations for a customized look. We also offer decks that are LEED certified with 100 percent recycled materials. We can help design the perfect deck for your budget, needs and style preferences.

As you can see, there are seemingly endless options when it comes to your PVC decking options. If you’re still wondering “what is the best material for my deck?”, then it’s time to enlist the help of our deck and dock experts at Keys Deck & Dock Supply. Give our team a call at (954) 545-0660 to get your new deck quote!